Info: Celebs love Naples

Being famous has its downsides … especially when a celebrity craves privacy and the experience of “living like a normal person.” It’s a fact: many from the ranks of easily identified persons love their Naples hideaway. You cannot buy a map featuring “Homes of the Stars” in Naples. 

It’s not just that secure, affluent communities are largely populated by mature individuals of significant accomplishment — but that elevated needs for privacy are already reflected in their choice of residence. And here’s a third factor: Naples business establishments and entertainment venues are very accommodating to the desires of prominent individuals for discreet treatment in seating, ingress and egress, and most of all present a tight lipped approach about the identity of their patrons. How to I know this? Suffice to say I got this information from a very high-placed source, while never revealing a single individual in her Rolodex.

Public accolades are wonderful — in place and context. However, when quiet time is of the essence and anonymity is high on the list of priorities — consider a Naples getaway property. I have information on dozens of exceptionally private and luxurious homes available for purchase or lease — plus a few tips on places that will make sure a meal or performance isn’t marred by an unexpected invasion of privacy.

Naples is an area that celebrates success … in a quiet and respectful manner. Give me a call!