Info: The co$t of entry in this resort town

As a certified Resort and Second Home Property Specialist, I’m in daily contact with some component of the new home industry because, frankly, I truly believe there can be significant upside to brand new construction over that associated with the resale market. Now, blanket statements never apply universally and I readily admit one should weigh both options as part of the due diligence associated with any sizable transaction. The new construction market does have some very attractive aspects that most buyers of second home properties should at the least seek to have weighed and evaluated by qualified professional advisors.

“Upside” also needs clarification as it’s far more than simply a term of financial gain. As a matter of fact, I believe other “upsides”are often more significant than first assumed. Factors such as the pleasure of being surrounded by the latest building techniques, cutting-edge space designs, technological advances in appliances, utilities, and climate control, plus the general freedom from replacement hassles that comes with a brand new product will, over time, likely play a larger role in one’s ‘satisfaction rating’ than a theoretical gain in perceived market value.

As for the cost of entry, Lennar, WCI, Del Webb, and Greenwood are among the builders with communities under construction offering new homes starting at $200,000. A potential buyer — before a solo walk into one of those on-site sales offices — might be well advised to gather information on the many unique aspects of acquiring a home in this manner vis a vis a transaction in the resale market.

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