Events: Sunset over the Gulf

While we have the same number of sunsets here in Naples as does the rest of the world, several unique conditions combine to make our  sunsets special. Among the treats: warm water that generates spectacularly tall clouds; even warmer air makes watching comfortable; and — apart from the Pacific Coast — the experience of observing the sun setting  over a large body of water.

The photo below was captured last evening at the north-westernmost point of land in Collier County: the public park at Barefoot Beach. It’s a rare evening that this mile-plus stretch of sand hosts less than the density depicted below. Sunset watching is far too disorganized and informal to be a termed a ritual — but it’s an easy fit for a memorable event and a long-time local tradition.

Most of the photo is actually of Lee County. In the distance, just to the right of the peach-colored patch of water, is the skyline of Sanibel. The buildings to the right are on Fort Myers Beach. And beyond that, a vigorous thunder cell over Charlotte Harbor. A few minutes after that digital capture — the cool downdraft that precedes the arrival of a storm cell made itself obvious. And we left.

Topics and photos planned for near-future blog posts: Beach Capacity; The Beauty/Danger of Lightning, Beach Parking; Free Beach Stickers, and The Green Flash.