Info: Parking meters … where are they?

We have them … but only on City streets and parking lots adjacent to the beach. You won’t find a single meter in any of Naples’ three downtowns: 5th Avenue South, 3rd Street South, and City Docks. Even the parking garages are free!

Now, in keeping with the tradition of doing things big, Naples has luxury parking meters that ingest quarters that license you to use that space for exactly four minutes of parking. That’s about $2.50 an hour! But the upside is that you are mere steps away from a world class beach — which is the only kind we have here. However, hardly anybody cares or even sees parking meters; it’s the magic of the Parking Sticker, which you’ll see displayed on a huge number of cars both parked and underway. Beach stickers are free to all full-time residents and also to property owners regardless of where they live some or most of the year. There are two types of stickers: Naples City and Collier County. Again, nobody gives a hoot because privilege-wise, they are identical.

So what about visitors? Are they left with only one option … to feed the fine leather-clad parking meters? Nope! Any visitor can buy a sticker that grants the same unlimited access to beach parking for a mere $50 bucks per year.

Break-even point: 20 hours at the beach.

Even people who aren’t big on tradition love this one.