Info: Co$t of Land

This is a good moment to repeat one of my periodic disclaimers: I am not dispensing or selling advice.

I will always attempt to provide accurate information, sourcing when doing so lends clarity. By design and intent, this blog is informal, breezy, and hopefully informative. My primary readers are people who love Naples and Southwest Florida and wish to someday live here; if not full time, then as one of our many seasonal residents and visitors.

So, what’s the cost of land in Naples? Try $16M an acre! Now, that’s for primo water views and/or Gulf access. Here’s the math: Researching recent sales in Aqualane Shores and Port Royal, we can point to one purchase at $13,975,900 per acre. Now, there is another value to land with direct water access —  based on the linear footage along the dune line or a seawall. In that realm of measurement, there is a sale on record at $80,000 per foot! Multiplied by 206.3 — the number of feet along one side of a perfectly square acre — equates to $16.5M per acre.

At the other end of the ‘cost per acre’ spectrum — a recent sale of 5 acres for $12,500 in “The Estates” reduces to $2,500 per acre.

Talk about choices: $2500 buys you an acre in the eastern part of the county, or about one-third of an inch at the beach!