Info: Gas prices

There are some widely held beliefs among locals that gas (1) is priced higher here than anywhere else in the state because “we are at the end of the supply chain;” (2)  should be priced lower  here than elsewhere because bulk gasoline is delivered at Port Everglades; (3) prices are artificially inflated during season. I’d say (3) is probably true — because demand increases when the population doubles, and that can justify moderate price increases. Up to a point.

It’s a known fact that some businesses here make all their profit in the winter months and break even the rest of the year. It would not be surprising to find that holds especially true in the convenience store business, the ‘gas stations’ of this era.

As for (1) and (2) — they are mutually exclusive. But I know someone who can clarify that, and will ask the next time we meet up.

I will periodically check on gas prices and publish a note here, creating a record over time. As of today, the most common price for regular seems to be hovering around $2.25. Mid-grade is about 12% higher and premium commands a 20% markup.