Language: What is a “season?”

We don’t have seasons here — such as warm, cold, snowy, or nice. It’s nice all year ’round.

We do have wet and dry — with the latter more famously called “season.” That means when snowbirds and winter residents are here.

Season is now well underway. Traffic can sometimes be an irritation with four light cycles to get through the busy intersections. But it’s also that wonderful time of year when the car air conditioner can be turned off and one can drive with the sunroof open.

This is likely to continue through at least March both weather-wise and with respect to our roads, restaurants, facilities, parks, attractions, and events. Yes, we do occasionally have a ‘cold’ night when temps venture into the ’40s — having to activate our so-called furnaces, meaning the electric stove coils hidden in the air conditioning ducts. It stinks when the accumulated dust burns off — but then the cold spells are always brief and we forget about the dust (and the need to turn ‘the heat’ on every month!) Believe me, nobody does that.

SEASON is here! Restaurants (especially the new ones) are enjoying long lines at the door and people 4-deep in the bars. Tip: Consider going to LAST year’s fad restaurants: many of them have short or no waiting times.