Rentals: what to expect.

Even with the 2017-18 season well past, the rental market is still ‘very tight.’ A search of the local MLS-controlled public access sites for a 2019 season rental at a rate of between $2,000 and $4,000 per month in Naples, Marco, Ft Myers Beach, and Bonita-Estero — reveals only about 100 properties.

Is that all there is? Well, no. It’s functionally impossible to know for sure how many places are rented privately or through agents who specialize in rentals that are not posted on the public sites — but I’d guess there are many hundreds of available ‘seasonals’ that have never migrated to the broad Internet. Expect to pay $4 to $5 per square foot per month for a quality rental — with an occasional ‘find’ in the 3’s. While there are many honest people seeking renters at fair prices posting on the Internet — they are far outnumbered by scammers who only want a credit card number long enough to rush to the nearest luxury retailer for a quick purchase that will cost you time and energy to unravel.

Need help? Give me a call. I am an active Florida licensed Sales Associate ((SL331195) and a Realtor® in good standing. My 20-year residency in the area — and the contacts I have made and maintained over that time — may save you money or buy you an upgrade over what one might expect to find on the unfettered and unregulated Internet.