I moved here from CA two decades ago — back in 1995 when the population of Collier County was two-thirds of the 330,000 it is now. What’s remarkable is that after 20 years, I’m enjoying life here more than ever. And that is unusual in an area that continues to experience rapid growth through an extended period. I have over this time gradually accumulated what I now recognize as a wealth of both historical and current knowledge of this community — information of significant value  to anyone interested in living or investing here.

Yes, we live in an amazing age of ready information. At the press of a button or swipe of a screen on the iPhone, we are told have immediate access to nearly any piece of information desired. Or can we? Changes are fast-moving. To wit:

Remember when one could type a phone number into Google and see the name and address of the party at the other end of the line? Don’t try that today unless you want to witness how many hundreds of entities have co-opted ways to ‘monetize’ that once-free information. Of course there is still plenty of “free” information available on the web — but one never knows for sure what is in the process of beingt “dumbed down” on the way to yet another form of passive income for an ambitious digital-era entrepreneur. So the “information age” may be more biased and tainted than we have been led to believe. Perhaps not ‘may be’ but ‘is.’

And of course, there are the Zillows, Trulias, and Realtor® sites — which I heartily applaud for bringing surface-level access to the once mysterious MLS system. My own Realtor® board, NABOR, enthusiastically (and profitably) feeds these consumer web sites carefully selected portions of the reams of information it generates from the Naples Area marketplace.  All of this shared information is unquestionably positive progress that favors the consumer. That which NABOR and hundreds of other Realtor® boards across the nation choose to make public prompts the value of all the additional layers of information not made public but available only to licensed sales agents and brokers. That is what is available through a relationship  — at no cost to the consumer, buyer, or otherwise interested party — with a professional practitioner in the real estate transaction process. 

Now, the obvious question about how to I make a buck in all this: I am well prepared to address that at any point — but for now suffice it to say my pay, if it happens at all, is derived from marketing budgets and not from upselling buyers.

In the meantime, just challenge me to tap my own paid data subscriptions for information you may not be able to conveniently access or about which you may have doubts.

Maybe you’ve heard vague references to past “scandals” such as Stadium Naples or the debacle surrounding the Jackson Labs fiasco. While these past mistakes have little to no bearing on the future of this most dynamic and desirable community — a bit of historical perspective from someone who lived it firsthand might be useful to those who wants to “cut to the chase” in every manner possible before arriving at that critical go/no-go decision to declare Naples/Collier County “their” home for the future.

Extra stuff:  I spend my days as a commercial photographer and real estate buyer’s agent (MVP Realty Associates, Florida SL3311935) and am RSPS certified (Resort and Second Home Property Specialist.)

As such, I have professional subscription access to a huge amount of information that may or may not be easily obtained or dependably accurate as the result of a casual web search. Sharing that with potential Naples residents is what I do. I neither sell or offer advice — just information tailored to your needs in response to your questions about the area. It’s precisely the kind of valuable material needed by someone with the notion of enjoying a second home here — or perhaps crafting a ‘purchase and rent’ transaction. I don’t have any prepared or canned presentations but will assemble what you request and pass it along — either in data tables or as a narrative.

Check this blog for regular updates — or go to my photography web site for direct contact information. http://rlcaron.com

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RL Caron, Naples FL. Practically a native!