News: US Senate to consider HR 3700

This is a bill that earned bi-partisan support in the House. HR 3700 would, if enacted, make it easier for first time buyers and others to purchase a condo — a primary mode of second home and resort ownership here in the Sunshine State. Urge your US Senator to support the “Housing Opportunity through Modernization Act of 2016.”

Info: Summer in Florida

Summer conditions in Southwest Florida may be the best kept secret among the “locals.” Yes, temperatures reach into the 90s every day, there is humidity, and it is “the rainy season.” So what’s there to love?

Well, first of all summer is barely 10 degrees warmer than in the winter months when temperatures only  climb into the 80s (but with admittedly lower levels of humidity — most of the time.) However those quick afternoon downpours are likely to take the thermometer down 10 to 15 degrees for the rest of the day!  Continue reading Info: Summer in Florida